Top 10 Activities for Frugal Fall Fun

Please don’t hate me. I’m a summer person, and I get a little sad when fall arrives, marking the end of long days, warm weather and summer fun.

BUT THEN I put this list together of some super fun fall activities that won’t break the bank, and I realized fall’s a pretty great season, too.

Here’s the list of Top 10 Activities for Frugal Fall Fun:

1. Apple picking. I love harvesting produce, especially apples. Some u-pick apple orchards have hay rides, pumpkin patches and cute animals to see!


2. Fall festivals. Look them up on your town’s community calendar. There are often cheap/free things to do such as face painting, pumpkin carving, food eating, crafting, music listening and people watching.

3. Fall color hike. Go for a hike or a nice walk in the cool weather to view the beautiful fall colors in your area. Take photos or try a mindfulness walk enjoying nature scenes.


4. Make a fall recipe. Apple sauce, a hearty soup, pumpkin pie, or try canning salsa (a Manthe tradition).

5. Football party. Invite friends over to watch the game. Everyone can bring a snack or beverage, and you can enjoy each other’s company while rooting for your favorite team.

6. Declutter summer stuff. Look through things you didn’t use this summer and probably won’t use again. Donate, sell, or toss what you can. Bring out the fall stuff– decorations, warm clothing, and other fall necessities.

7. Snuggling. Cooler weather permits more snuggles. Sometimes it’s nice to curl up with a movie and your significant other, your kid, or your cat.

8. Plan Halloween costume. Here are some DIY ideas.kenz pumpkin copy

9. Pumpkin carving. All you need is a pumpkin, a knife and some creativity. You can go with the classic jack-o-lantern look or Google some more intricate designs if you want to get fancy.

10. Tackle something on the indoor to-do list on cold days. It might not be a lot of fun, but it’ll feel so much better when it’s done!


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