Week 2 Meditation Series: Guided Meditation

For Week 2 of my 4-Week Meditation Series, I focused on Guided Meditation. Instead of focusing completely on my breathing, I had various youtube videos guiding me through my 20 minute meditation time.

What I Did

Before going to sleep each night I lay down in my bed, flat on my back without a pillow. The lights were off. I picked a youtube guided meditation video that was around 20 minutes long, closed my eyes and listened to it. I had no particular videos in mind, so I decided to search for “Christian meditation” and just picked what looked good that was around 20 minutes in length. Most of the videos reflected on verses from scripture, and each night had a different theme.

Meditation Observationsbacklit-clouds-dawn-415380 (1).jpg

During the meditation period I felt at peace and that God was with me. My mind was calm, and I was able to fall asleep almost right away. I think the fact that the experience was guided made my mind wander less, and the voice of the guide was often soothing and calm.

I did not like all the videos I tried, but most were great! I really enjoyed these two:

Mindfulness Meditation: Being Still in the Presence of God: Meditate on the presence of God.
Guided Christian Meditation: Trust God with Your Purpose: Meditate on your purpose, your desires and God’s desires for you.

This was a good opportunity to test out some meditation videos, find a few favorites, and I look forward to trying different kinds in the future. Does anyone else have any recommendations?

Next up: Movement Meditation!


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