Week 1 Meditation Series: Focused Meditation

I think I like this meditation stuff.

For week 1 of my 4-Week Meditation Series, I worked on Focused Meditation. I found this type of meditation to be simple, yet challenging.

What I Did

Each night before going to sleep, I went to the bedroom, shut off the lights and sat down. I positioned myself either sitting cross-legged with my back straight and my palms resting on my knees, or I lay in bed. I set a timer, closed my eyes, and tried to focus on my breathing the entire time.

For the first three days, I meditated for only five minutes. I went for ten minutes each day the next four days of the week. My favorite position was lying flat on my back, arms at my sides or hands on my stomach.

My mind wandered often while meditating, especially when the day had been stressful. Every time it wandered, I brought it back to my breathing. Sometimes, to refocus, I counted my breaths. I would count them up to ten and then start over. I didn’t try to control my breathing, I just noticed it as it was.

Meditation Observations

At the end of the meditation time I felt relaxed. My mind felt calm and quiet. I also found it was easier to get to sleep most nights.

I really liked how simple this type of meditation was and that it took no more than ten minutes to notice some benefit.

Unexpected Bonus: I suffer from migraines occasionally, and I had one last week. I thought there was no way I could meditate that night because the pain was too distracting. But I decided to try it anyway, and not only did I do an okay job of staying focused, it dulled the migraine for a bit.

I will definitely come back to this meditation in the future when I want to calm my mind (or ease a headache). I wonder if increasing the length of the meditation would produce greater benefits? I guess we’ll find out as we go.

Tune in next week for Guided Meditation.



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