Top 10 Thrifty Wins: August

We’re wrapping up summer with some fit and frugal fun! August was full of hikes, heat, sister time, sunshine, fitness challenges and some really good cheese. We came in under budget in quite a few areas, and we’re stoked about our savings.

Check out our Top 10 Thrifty Wins:IMG_20180902_095125664

1. Free clothes and booze. My sister went through some old boxes she left behind after moving to Seattle last year. She gave me some workout tops and a bottle of wine. She also brought us some tasty coffee!

2. Unanticipated extra income.
I gave my usual four plasma donations, and I got a coupon for an extra $10 per donation. Rick’s raise also went into effect this month!

3. Free weekend fun. Some of the free (or almost free) things we did over our summer weekends included visiting family, tubing, hiking, biking and going for walks. Instead of meeting up with out of town friends for a meal, we went hiking with them and were able to spend time enjoying the gorgeous weather and each other’s company.

4. We scored 30 free meals this month. Most of these meals were provided by Rick’s job for when he traveled. But we also have some generous friends and family members who treated us to both homemade meals and meals out. It really helps to have such supportive people in our life!

5. Earned first $5 from Receipt Hog. I earned my first $5 cash back from one of the apps I use. See my favorite cash back apps here.

6. Got cash back from buying gifts online using Ebates. We have a lot of August/September birthdays to celebrate, and we got up to 3% cash back on our online purchases for these gifts. Ebates is really easy to use—use my referral link, and when you join you’ll get $10 when you spend at least $25!
stretch for run kennedy park.jpg
7. Free exercise: We gave up our gym memberships in the spring, and I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather to do a variety of types of exercise: hiking, biking, running, walking, and a pilates challenge.

8. Overcame budget planning challenges. I did not calculate a fifth grocery shopping day into our grocery budget this month. Oops! I thought I would go over by a week’s worth of groceries. We made some simple and frugal meals toward the end of the month, and we were able to stay within the amount we budgeted for groceries.

9. Came in under budget in areas with biggest variations. Usually, the toughest budget categories for us to plan and stick to include: gas, eating out/entertainment, and groceries. These can vary quite a bit from month to month, so they’re a little tricky to plan for. We came in slightly under budget in all of these areas this month!

10. Rick had a particularly thrifty guys weekend. He took a snack to share, and everyone pitched in for most meals. They played games, which didn’t cost anything. The total amount he spent for that weekend was about $14. This is kind of a big deal because past guys weekends could easily cost $30-$50.
Again- I cannot express how much appreciation I have for friends and family members who are supportive of our debt repayment journey.

**This post contains affiliate links. You won’t pay any extra for making a purchase through these links, and I may earn some money to keep this blog going. I only link to products I support or use personally.


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