10-Minute Pilates Challenge

In order to continue to get regular exercise, I need to switch up my routine often and try something new. Since cancelling my gym membership last spring, I’ve been a little more creative with my workouts. Rick and I usually go for a walk each day. I’ve also been running, biking, hiking, and I’ve tried some fun workout videos.

I’ve tried a few Blogilates youtube videos and really liked them. They’re quick, effective and inspiring. They require little to no equipment and are apartment-friendly.

I decided to challenge myself to do one of these videos every day for 10 minutes for 4 weeks. There are multiple Blogilates calendar workouts to follow, but I wanted to create my own:

Click here to see my 10-Minute Pilates Challenge schedule and get the links to the Blogilates videos I used. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think!*

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 8.47.21 AM

Four things I gained from these last four weeks:

  1. Some videos I love such as Real Life Waist Trainer Exercises and Strong Like Wonder Woman Workout. I plan to continue to do some of these videos and try some new ones.
  2. Improved mood, clearer thoughts, greater flexibility, strength, better sleep, and a positive attitude.
  3. The confidence that I can fit a 10-minute workout into my day even if I work for 12 hours, am fighting a migraine and would rather curl up in bed.
  4. Better body image. Exercising helps me to appreciate the great things my body can do, and I seem to treat it better, too!

There are so many benefits to regular exercise, and I encourage you to try this challenge or create your own exercise challenge. Do it with a friend and tell people what you’re doing for increased support and accountability!

* I’m not a personal trainer or any kind of exercise expert. If you have concerns, it’s always good to consult a physician before beginning an exercise routine.



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