Top 10 Thrifty Wins: July

Summer is often a high-spend time of year for me. Sunshine and warmer weather bring more travel and social events. And usually more money spent. I tried to balance out a spendy June with a lean July. I’d say it was a success— here’s why:

1.Outreach location moved closer. I travel to an outreach clinic for work one day each week. I used to travel an hour away, but I switched to a different clinic, and now I only have to travel 30 minutes. I’ve been getting paid mileage, but by cutting travel time there is less wear and tear on my car, and I can reduce my environmental footprint.

activity-club-course-274133.jpg2.Cashed in on work reward points. At my work, reward points are offered to employees for a job well done or for special occasions. I decided to cash in my points to get some fancy new golf balls for Rick.

3.Got a free new phone. I was overdue for a new cell phone, and a family member got one for me – for FREE. Always an excellent price!

4.Tried some new cash back apps. Now that I have a new phone, I actually have space to download apps! I’ll see what I think of the new ones I’m trying, and I’ll share my reviews if they’re good.

5.Rick carpooled to an out-of-town guys weekend. He saved money, and the earth smiled!

6.Made our own laundry detergent. What I made is supposed to last all year, and the ingredients cost me less than $10.IMG_20180729_101756349

7.Rick made meals for guys weekend instead of going out to eat as much. He and his friends took turns making meals. It freed up money in the budget for doing other things he enjoys, like golfing.

8.Read a book on how to cut back on grocery spending. By implementing a few changes, our grocery bill was cut down to $276 this month. That’s our lowest so far! Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America’s Cheapest Family has some good ideas.

9.Paid off a loan with highest interest rate. This goes against Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method, but the debt avalanche approach, where we pay off the loans with highest interest rates first, has been working for us. We’re still very motivated to continue our journey to financial freedom, and I’m excited about the progress we’re making. Guys, the loans are half-gone!

10.More than doubled our usual monthly loan payment. After crunching the numbers and looking at budgets from previous months, we set a higher dollar amount for our monthly loan payment in order to (hopefully) be debt free sooner. The new monthly payment won’t double, like it had this month, but we’re bumping it up quite a bit.

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