New Look. New Name. New Content?

Musings of a Manthe is now Fit and Frugal Living!

Since beginning Musings of a Manthe, I had been searching for my niche. I started by writing about anything and everything I thought about. I have since found some common themes in my posts, and I’ve decided to rename my blog to more clearly identify its content: Fit and Frugal Living.

What can readers expect to see with this new blog?

Old Favorites
I will continue to share yummy, healthy recipes with my Favorite Recipe Friday posts. I’ll also keep you up to date on our money makeover and journey to financial freedom. So lots more delicious recipes and money management tips to come!

New Thoughts
I’d really like to focus on other areas of fitness such as exercise, nutrition, emotional wellness, sleep, and more! I’m looking to try some exercise challenges, discuss goal setting, and explore mindfulness and different stress management techniques.

I’m excited about this fresh, new look, and I hope it inspires you to live your best fit and frugal life!


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