Big List of Frugal Summer Fun

Summer is my favorite season. It’s a beautiful time of year full of fun events, vacation and travel. As I had mentioned in Top 10 Thrifty Wins: June, June was a tough month. We stayed within the budget for the most part, but we still spent more than usual.

What I’m learning about this journey to debt-free living is that it is indeed a journey. It will take us about two more years to pay off our student loans, and it’s important to find some balance in our spending so we don’t go crazy with feelings of deprivation.

So now that we had a blast and spent more money than usual in June, I’d like to balance that out with a leaner July. There’s still plenty of summer left, and I plan to enjoy it! There are tons of ways to have fun in the summer that are inexpensive or free.

I’ve put together some great activities in this Big List of Frugal Summer Fun:

-Plant a garden
-Read at the beach
-Have a rummage sale
-Go swimming
-Build a sand castle
-Watch fireworks
-Have a picnic
-Go hiking
-Find free live music
-Go fishing
-Attend a movie in the park
-Make a fun, cool treat
-Ride bikes
-Go berry picking
-Go stargazing (Find these constellations or make up your own.)
-Check your local community calendar for free events
-Skip rocks at the lake
-Try geocaching
-Make a meal from Farmer’s Market finds
-Photograph nature in summer
-Find a free festival
-Get a fun job: dog walking, coach a soccer team, mow lawn, work at the parks department, sell ice cream
-Go canoeing or kayaking
-Get friends together to play a game at the park: tennis, football, disc golf, soccer, frisbee
-Draw with sidewalk chalk


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