Is a Side Hustle For You?

Recently, a friend asked Rick and me to teach a quick swing dance lesson at her wedding reception. We love to dance, so it was fun and easy for us, and I think the crowd really enjoyed it. After giving the lesson and showing off our swanky dance moves, we were approached by a wedding guest and asked if we would choreograph a father/daughter dance for his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Rick and me swing dancing in college

We have never done anything like this before, but I was intrigued. As I was dreaming up music selections and dance combinations, a few other thoughts went through my mind. How much of a commitment would this be? Wouldn’t this type of thing make a fun side hustle? And then, do I want a side hustle?

I’m not sure what this potential dance gig will involve, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of taking on any kind of extra job lately. We could really use the money as we work on paying off student loans, but adding another job on top of working 40 hours per week sounds questionable.

As I go back and forth in my mind, I’ve put together a few points to consider for others thinking about taking on a side hustle.

Potential Pros

  • Making some extra cash. Having extra income can be really helpful when paying off debt or for saving up for something you want.
  • Having something to do. Ideally, a side job would be something you enjoy that doesn’t necessarily feel like work. If you’re already working full time, sometimes it’s nice to do something that is different from your day job.
  • Learning or developing new skills and ways of thinking.
  • Keeping you from spending money. Plain and simple: when I’m working, I’m not spending money.

Potential Cons

  • Cutting out other commitments. Some other areas of your life might need to be set aside in order to make time for the job. Finding the right work/life balance is important. If you’re already working 60+ hours per week and constantly struggle to find time for friends, family, and other priorities, you should probably think twice about taking on a side gig. Think about how you spend your time now and visualize how that would change if you took another job.
    Need help finding more time? Check out How to Make More Time: 7 Things to Cut Out.
  • Suffering from burnout. A side hustle takes extra effort. Make sure you not only have the time for another job, but also the energy and motivation. Too much work stress can negatively impact other areas of your life such as your mental and physical health.
  • Having to pay for extra costs. For example, if you have to travel an extra half hour to get to your side job a few days a week, that might mean extra gas money, time, and costs for wear and tear on your car. Another example is if you have a job where you need to invest in some upfront costs. If you want to photograph weddings on the weekends, you might need to invest in some camera equipment. It’s a good idea to plan for these costs and make sure you’re committed if initial costs are high.

So if you’ve thought about it, and you’ve decided a side hustle is for you, here’s a list of 30 Side Jobs from Frugal Fanatic.

I’ll be sure to let you know if this dance gig turns into anything or if I decide to take on some other type of side job.

What ways have you made extra money? Is a side hustle for you?






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