Get Ready in Half the Time

Many of us feel frantic in the morning as we get ourselves ready for the day. We feel like there’s just not enough time to get everything done and we run out the door at the very last minute.

Here are some suggestions for cutting your daily morning routine in half so you can have a more refreshing and confident start to your day.

  1. Visualize success. Take a moment over the weekend or the night before to visualize what a calm, successful morning would look like. You get everything done that you need to, and you walk calmly out the door to meet the day. Make a list of the things you need to complete in the morning. Which of these items can be moved to a different time of day so that the morning time is not so rushed? Make sure there is enough time to get everything done.
  2. Prepare the night before.

    Pick out your outfit for the next day
    and stick to it. Think ahead about what you’re doing tomorrow. Do you need to dress up for a presentation? Will you be walking a lot and need comfortable shoes? Check the weather to see if you’ll need a sweater.

    Pack lunches and prep breakfasts the night before so all you have to do is grab and go. Some examples of quick breakfasts include: overnight oats, protein bar or shake and an apple, egg muffin cups, breakfast casserole.

    Set it out:
    When lunches are packed and breakfasts are prepped, set them near the front of the fridge so they are easily seen. Set out the next day’s outfit where you can see it. Don’t forget underwear, socks, and jewelry! Set out anything else you’ll be taking with you such as paperwork, your purse, or gym bag.

    Shower at night.
    Though I would prefer a refreshing shower in the morning, night time showering is now part of my wind-down routine each night, and it saves me oodles of time in the morning.

  3. Shorten the beauty routine. Is there a faster hairstyle to try? Maybe you can find something that is part of your makeup regimen that is unnecessary or could be shortened. Night time showering really helped me with this one. In addition to cutting out the 10ish minutes to shower, I also don’t have to take time to blow dry my hair.
  4. Organize your space so you know where everything is. Keep your closet and dresser organized with your next day’s outfit set out. Make sure everything you need or might need is where it should be. Keep the dishes clean, an umbrella on hand, and have a special spot for your keys.
  5. Leave the phone alone. This can be a big time-sucker. If I just want to check my text messages in the morning, I am often lead to check email, then facebook, then I’m led down a rabbit hole and 15 minutes have passed. So, if you must check your phone in the morning, set limits on what you will allow yourself to look at as well as how long you spend on your phone.

What are some things you’ve changed to cut back on morning getting ready time?


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