9 Items to Declutter from Your Kitchen

I love spending time cooking in my kitchen! It’s a great place to create recipes and prepare delicious meals, so I try to keep my creative space clean and organized. I find it’s good to go through and do a deep declutter every now and then to keep things fresh.

Here’s a list of 9 Items to Declutter from Your Kitchen:

1. Expired products. Look in your fridge, cupboards and pantry to find expired products that don’t look safe or pleasant to consume anymore. Get rid of the bad stuff and move the stuff that is close to expiring toward the front.

2. Spices. If you have multiple containers of the same spices, condense them as much as you can to save space. If you have spices you know you’ll never use, give them to a friend who will use them.

20180620_1710353. Tupperware with no lids. No one likes to rifle through cupboards to find matching tops and bottoms when they’re trying to put away their leftovers. Find the ones that match and get rid of the rest. For me, task is therapeutic.

4. Extra utensils you never use. How many wooden spoons does a person really need? Are all of them in good shape?

5. Pots, pans, small appliances, cookie sheets, etc. What do you want to keep? Make sure you use what you have and everything is in good working condition. Would any of these items be better off in someone else’s kitchen? Or in the trash?

6. Mugs/glasses. You know those cups or mugs you get as freebies from events? They tend to accumulate rapidly. Think about which ones (if any) you’d like to keep, and get rid of the rest.

7. Counter space. It’s nice to have room to breathe and work in the kitchen. Keeping counter space clear makes meal prep easier and more enjoyable. Take a look at what’s on the counters and remove what doesn’t belong. See if you can put other items away in drawers or cupboards. Maybe extra shelving is an option.

20180620_1711468. Junk drawer. Or a drawer with miscellaneous stuff. I think these are fine as long as you use everything in it and there is some kind of order to it so you can find what you need when you need it.

9. Items on the fridge. It’s nice to display a few photos, an invitation, reminders or a calendar on the fridge. Too many of these kinds of things can make the space look cluttered. Take down old invitations, last year’s Christmas cards, and reminder notes you don’t need anymore to clear up some space.

Here’s a peak at my kitchen and how I organize.


The pantry is my favorite place in the apartment. So spacious!


Fancy baskets and organizer bins are nice but not always necessary. I use this shoe box to keep bags and plastic wrap together.


I keep large cooking utensils together by the stove for easy access when I cook.

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