Top 10 Thrifty Wins: May

May brought warmer weather, Mother’s Day, a wedding, an anniversary and new ways to be thrifty! These are some of our biggest thrifty wins for this month:

  1. Wedding lodging: We went out of town to a wedding one weekend and spent the night in Rick’s dad’s camper instead of getting a hotel room.
  2. Packed snacks: Every time we went out of town we packed snacks and some meals so we did not have to spend the money eating out. See 12 Healthy Travel Snacks.
  3. Affordable Anniversary: Read how Rick and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in a thrifty way.
  4. Third paycheck: Rick and I both get paid biweekly, so we usually each get two paychecks every month. With the way the paydays fell, this month we each got a third paycheck. With this, we were able to more than double our usual monthly loan payment. This was our biggest thrifty win. Financial Freedom, here we come!
  5. Extra income: Besides the extra paychecks Rick and I received at the end of the month, we also made almost $250 with unexpected extra income from things like Biolife and Nice as New consignment.
  6. Free workouts: My gym membership was up in May, and I’ve been trying to get into a new workout routine. I’ve gone hiking, walking, and I really like my pilates youtube videos. I’m hoping to get back into running outside soon!
  7. Stitched up some shirts: I was back at it with my needle this month. I stitched up two shirts that would have been on their way out.
  8. Cut out eat-outs. I did not spend money on eating out this month. I’m not a big fan of eating out, so this was not too difficult.
  9. Made meals for family members instead of eating out. We had two opportunities where we could have eaten at a restaurant to socialize with our family but chose the more affordable option of making homemade meals for those who dined with us.
    -Mother’s Day: I made Mexican Stuffed Peppers, Tomato, Avocado, Bean Salad, and a fruit salad for Rick’s side of the family.
    -Dad Dinner: We had been wanting to get together with my dad for some time to talk about his recent trip to Ireland. Instead of meeting at a restaurant as we had originally planned, I made Crockpot Chicken Tikka Masala with rice and a salad, and we ate it in the comforts of our apartment. We were able to chat and have Dad show us pictures for as long as we wanted.
  10. Stayed under budget: We’re making a lot of progress on creating and sticking to our monthly budget. We remained under budget in most areas including the entertainment category, which is where we thought we might have trouble this month. Rick played a large role in this area. He did a really nice job of finding ways to save, such as choosing less expensive social events.



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