Whole30 Finale: Wins & Recipes

I made it through Whole30! What an experience. I was pretty strict, and I was surprised to learn how much self-control I have.

The day after finishing my Whole30, I went through a Non-scale Victories checklist. I found:

  • I was less anxious. This was the biggest win for me!
  • I was more in control over what I ate.
  • I maximized my food budget. I thought Whole30 eating was going to be expensive, but I figured out some ways to Save Money on Whole30 Groceries.
  • I found some really good new recipes!



  1. Breakfast Casserole — I made it without the sausage, and it was still great!
  2. Sautéed Apples –for a sweet and tangy treat.
  3. Chicken, Apple, Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprouts Skillet
  4. Chicken Tikka Masala –ridiculously delicious!
  5. Ground Turkey & Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Peppers

BONUS: These 6 DIY Freezer Chicken Marinades were super tasty and helpful! Check out my Whole30 Pinterest board for more recipes!

I’m so happy with these victories, and I also found that I lost 5 lbs.

Honestly, I probably won’t do this again. I didn’t feel very good (low energy, stomach aches, headaches, etc.) a lot of the time. However it was a neat experience, and I’m glad I did it!

Next comes the slow reintroduction of some of the foods I had not been eating. The idea is to introduce one new type of food at a time. I think I’ll start with the gluten-free grains first. Bring on the OATMEAL!





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