Top Ten Thrifty Wins: April

When taking on a lengthy challenge, it’s always nice to take a moment to reflect on success. It keeps me motivated when I take a look at how far I’ve come and instills confidence that I can continue toward my goal. Cutting back on expenses to live within my means and pay off debt will be a lengthy process, so I’m going to start sharing the thrifty wins I have each month. Here’s what my husband and I did in April:

  1. Created a budget for the month. It helped us to look at our current expenses and figure out ways to cut back. We planned for the month ahead and actually came out under budget in a few areas. We’ll have to tweak a few things for next month so we’re a little closer to what we actually spend.
  2. Saved money on a bridesmaid dress. My generous and thoughtful bestie is getting married in July, and she let all the bridesmaids pick our own dresses. My generous and thoughtful sister is letting me borrow one of her dresses fo’ FREE!
  3. Signed up for cash back apps. I signed up for three cash back apps, and so far I’ve earned about $6 back. Not much yet, but I’m just getting started. They apps are super easy to use, and I’ll be sure to review them later.
  4. Cancelled our gym membership. I actually did this in March, but I had to give 30 days notice, so our last payment was in April. One less item for our May budget!
  5. Earned $400 donating plasma. Biolife’s rates went up from $50 to $60 on the second donation of the week. And they had a special to earn an extra $80 on the 8th donation of the month. Cha-ching!
  6. Froze stuff. If I noticed we had a surplus of food, I froze it to use later.

    new coat
    Just like new!
  7. Stitched up a coat to make it last. I have a coat that is getting old, and it ripped near the armpits. Although I really wanted to buy a new one, I stitched it up, and I’ll make it last another year.
  8. Spent less on car insurance. Not sure why this happened, but my car insurance bill was less than last time.
  9. Didn’t buy any clothes or shoes. I have a wish list for certain clothes items, and I could always use a new pair of shoes. I’m making what I have work for me right now, and I plan to keep this clothes shopping fast going for as long as possible!
  10. Made a large loan payment. Due to cutting costs, we were able to make a big loan payment and get closer to our financial freedom!


What were some of your thrifty wins last month?



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