Whole30: Week 1

I made it through the first full week of Whole30! Hurray!

Really, it wasn’t hard. After reading through the Whole30 timeline of what to expect throughout the process, I think I’m doing pretty well. I never felt like I had a hangover. I didn’t want to “kill all the things”, and I’ve had usual energy. I felt a little light-headed and had a dull headache on Day 2, and I was a little tired on Day 4. But I’m not sure these symptoms were diet-related. I also gave plasma twice this week and worked out most days, which usually means spurts of low energy for me anyway. Overall, it was a success!

This was not a typical week. I was a bit thrown off by not having my usual Wednesdays off to devote time to grocery shopping, food prep, and all the errands and household stuff I usually do. There was also a snowstorm, which always messes with things. (Note to Wisconsin: It’s April.) Another thing that threw me for a bit of a loop was that the Aldi in my area is being renovated. GASP! I’m still trying to be “gazelle-intense” with our finances to pay off student loans, so Aldi is a must for affordable groceries. I stopped at an Aldi in a town I was passing through to get my supplies for this week.

What Worked Well
I made some freezer meals and did quite a bit of food prep over the weekend so I always had enough food on hand during the week. I tried a few new recipes and also revamped some recipes I usually use to make them Whole30 compliant. I kept things simple so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Looking forward to trying some fun new things this week, and I’ll share my favorite recipes in a later post!

Week 1 Meal Plan
This chart shows what I ate this week. I shared the links for only the recipes I used that I liked. No use talking about second-rate recipes.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks

2 hard-boiled eggs

Balsamic roasted chicken White chicken chili Clementine
Tuesday Breakfast casserole with salsa
Balsamic roasted chicken White chicken chili
Stuffed peppers
Frozen berries
Wednesday Breakfast casserole with salsa Stuffed peppers Chicken Fajitas with tomatoes, lettuce, black olives, salsa Almonds
Frozen berries
Thursday Breakfast casserole with avocado White chicken chili
Taco salad
Stuffed peppers Hard boiled egg
Frozen berries
Friday Breakfast casserole with salsa White chicken chili Fajitas on cauliflower rice Berries, kiwi,
Stir fried vegetables
(girls weekend out of town)
Breakfast casserole with salsa Lemon chicken lettuce wrap Out to eat: Burger in a lettuce wrap with tomatoes and mustard
Side salad
Watermelon cake
(for my bestie’s birthday)
Sunday Ground turkey with tomatoes & green chilis
Out to eat: HUGE salad Turkey chili
Veggie stir fry

Hard boiled eggs

A few notes on my meal plan:

  1. I always adjust recipes to fit the ingredients I have on hand. Some of these recipes might not be 100% Whole30 compliant, but I just didn’t use the “not allowed” ingredients.
  2. I LOVE snacking on frozen fruit. It takes a long time to eat it because it’s so cold, and it’s a nice sweet treat.
  3. I felt satisfied with what I ate this week. I didn’t have cravings, and I was rarely hungry.


On to Week Two!
Watermelon Cake.jpg
Also, check out this sweet watermelon birthday cake. Yes, those are strawberry roses. It’s awesome when your friends are trying to be healthy, too!



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