Starting Our Money Makeover

These days, student loans seem to be the norm for almost anyone who went to college, and my husband and I are no exception. We’re about 1/3 of the way through paying off our hefty sum, and we would really like to move things along more quickly.

With that said, we needed to figure out some ways to save more money. Some of the things we already do to save money include shopping at Aldi and Goodwill, limiting eat-outs, cutting back on Christmas gifts, and shopping the sales. I thought we were doing a pretty good job, and we must have been doing something right in order to have gotten through 1/3 of the loans, right?

Right. But we can do better.

I checked out Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover from the library, and since reading through his 7 Baby Steps, Rick and I have come up with a plan to pay off the rest of these pesky loans.

So far, we’ve:
-Sold stocks (Rick LOVES stocks).
-Changed the amount we set aside for retirement.
-Gotten rid of our gym membership.
-Cut out Netflix.
-Created a detailed budget.

I think the budget is going to be the most helpful. We’ve taken a look at how we’ve spent our money over the past month and saw where improvements could be made. We’ve created what we think is a realistic budget for next month, and we are determined to stick to it.

Dave talks about staying focused and getting rid of debt with gazelle-like intensity. When a cheetah is chasing a gazelle, the gazelle needs to out-smart the super fast cheetah and run for its life. (Dave explains it better in the book.) Rick and I are going to aim to be gazelle-intense for awhile and stick to our budget until these loans are gone.

A few other things we’re going to look into to help us tackle these loans:
-Better car insurance deals
-Ways to cut back on grocery expenses
-Paying with cash
-Donating plasma

I would highly recommend reading The Total Money Makeover or any one of Dave Ramsey’s books if you are stressed about your finances. He makes excellent financial points and his program has helped millions. Click here to find more information on his website.

**This post contains affiliate links. You won’t pay any extra for making a purchase through these links and I may earn some money to keep this blog going. I only link to products I support or use personally.


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