5 Ways to Up Your Water Intake

Water is, hands-down, my beverage of choice. It has so many benefits including making my skin look awesome, giving me energy and focus, keeping me regular, relieving and preventing headaches, filling me up, and the list goes on. The recommended 64 oz per day is definitely not enough to keep me feeling my best, and I usually try to shoot for at least 100 oz.

All that said, I’ve been slacking a little bit lately, and I can feel it.

So I’m doing something about it. Here are my 5 Ways to Up Your Water Intake:

  1. Set a goal and keep track of it.

    Usually, a good goal to start with is around 64 oz. If you’re not much of a water-drinker, maybe start with 40 oz or something that seems challenging but reasonable. Keep track of how much you drink. You can use an app, a written tally system, or some other fun way to make sure you’re drinking your set amount each day. I’ve had patients fill up two 32 oz bottles of water each day so they know once those are done, they have reached their 64 oz goal.

  2. Plan out when you will drink your water.

    Many people are busy and forget to take time to drink water. Set intervals throughout the day, such as 32 oz by lunch time and another 32 by dinner. Drink a glass with each meal and snack. Set an alarm to help remind yourself if you have to! It’s probably best to start early so you’re not in the bathroom all night because you guzzled four glasses right before bed.

  3. Get a fun water bottle.

    Keep it with you where ever you go—work, car, gym, etc. A sassy new water bottle can help you enjoy drinking water, and if you know how much water it holds, it’s easy to keep track of the amount.

  4. Cool it down or heat it up.

    Some people like freezing cold water. There are plenty of water bottles and thermoses that will keep water ice cold for hours. Others (like me), are constantly cold and just the thought of drinking water will turn them to icicles. It might sound weird, but I drink plain, hot water all day.

  5. Flavor it.

    If you’re not a crazy person like me, and you don’t want to drink plain hot water, try adding some flavor. There are all kinds of herbal teas, or you can just add a little lemon. Try infusing other fruits into water (cold or hot) such as berries, kiwi, cucumber, pineapple or oranges. Or essential oils! Purchasing flavored water or flavorings you can add to water can be ok. Watch out for added calories, carbohydrates, sodium and artificial sweeteners. Who needs all that extra stuff?

Alright, now drink up!



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