Poppin’ Tags

20180310_184415.jpgI love the rush of finding a good deal, and Goodwill is where it’s at. Sometimes it can be a bit of a hunt, but with some time and persistence, I’ve been able to find quite a few low-cost treasures!

Though I love Goodwill, the thought of sifting through irregular racks and shelves of used items does not exactly trip my trigger. SO I have to go in with a plan. Here are a few of the ways I mentally prepare myself for my Goodwill excursions:

  1. Make a specific list of wants. What kinds of clothing, furniture, decor, etc. do I want? I often look at my Pinterest board ahead of time for inspiration, and I write down specific things I want.
  2. Be picky. I make sure what I buy is truly what I want and in good condition. I’m not just buying it to buy something or because it’s cheap. I don’t need clutter in my apartment, and I could save that money for something I really do want or need.
  3. Keep an open mind. I just said to be picky,  but I also go in with some imagination. If something’s a good price, but not EXACTLY what I want, can I make minor adjustments to fit my needs? Maybe a shirt needs an easy stitch. A sturdy piece of furniture needs a coat of paint. Maybe I can’t wear this summer dress now, but I’ll be so excited to wear it in a few months. Make sure the adjustment is realistic and doesn’t tack on more costs.
  4. Go early. There are usually fewer shoppers at the store early in the morning, which makes it less chaotic. I’m likely to have more patience, and the hunt is more enjoyable.
  5. Set aside time. I accept that finding my treasures will take time, and I might come out empty-handed. This is totally okay-  I’ll find something next time!

I’ve snagged a few more tips from other thrifters and plan to use them the next time I shop. I particularly like this post from Bless’er House.

Enjoy the hunt!

P.S. Check out my finds from today (9 tops for $50!):



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