Exercise Motivation

In the humdrum of winter, sometimes I find it hard to get amped up to exercise. I know I’ll have more energy, sleep better, have a better outlook on life, and keep my six-pack nice and chiseled (ok, maybe that last one’s a lie). As a wellness professional, I could rattle off oodles of different exercise benefits, but it can be difficult to actually get started and stick with a routine.

So, here are a few ideas of how to get off the couch and get movin’:

  1. Figure out your “why”. Why do you want to exercise? What benefits are you looking forward to? Figure it out and remind yourself regularly. Write it down or post pictures around your house that remind you of your reasons to exercise.
  2. Mix it up and try something new. A group fitness class at the gym, yoga, racquetball, ballroom dancing, indoor soccer. Sky’s the limit. Think of something you’ve always wanted to try and make it happen!
  3. Sign up for a run. Or walk. Whether it’s a 5k or a marathon, it’ll give you something specific to work toward. I do a five-mile run in March with some friends each year, and it’s challenging enough for me that I know I need to prepare a few months ahead of time just to make it through.
  4. Grab a buddy and make a date. Set a specific day and time that you will meet to exercise. Maybe you can make it a daily or weekly meet-up.
  5. Youtube videos. If you think gyms are too pricey or you just don’t feel like leaving your home when the roads are covered in ice, find a fun youtube video to try. Lately, I’ve been loving Blogilates.
  6. Make it reasonable. If you can’t commit to an hour of exercise, try 30 minutes. If that’s too much, tell yourself you’ll do an exercise for 15 minutes. When I do this, I often find myself going longer than what I told myself I would do.
  7. Set goals and rewards. Set specific short-term and long-term goals and REWARD YOURSELF. It’s important to know why you’re working out and to have something to work toward.
    Here are a few examples of healthy, non-food rewards:
    ~You met your goal of working out 5 days this week; relax with a movie                          tonight.
    ~You can now do 10 push-ups; buy yourself a fun water bottle.
    ~You finished your first 5k; get a massage.

Ready, set, let’s go work out!


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