Saving Money in Oahu

business-money-pink-coins.jpgThis is a nice follow-up post to my last musings on our honeymoon trip to Oahu. We had a great time, had many adventures, and we also stayed within our budget! Oahu’s paradise tax can seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of ways to save money on this island. I’m always in search of a good deal, so I thought I’d pass along my findings to others who crave to save.

Take TheBus.
Depending on where you stay on the island, TheBus can be a very effective form of transportation. You can get a one-way fare for $2.75. Or you can get a day pass for $5.50 and you can transfer as many times as you want within that day.

Shop ABC Stores.
Dining out for every meal gets expensive. Take advantage of the reasonably-priced ABC stores for small meals and snacks. They offer sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruit cups, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, milk, cereal. They even have sushi!

Look for deals on meals.
Many restaurants have happy hour specials. We found an early bird special at Sansei with 25-50% off sushi (depending on the day) if you order before 6:00 p.m. We also found a coupon for our hotel restaurant, M.A.C 24/7, in our church bulletin.

Drink water.
I’m a bit of a water snob, and I will tell you that Hawaii offers some of the best-tasting and purest, free tap water. You’ll not only be saving money by drinking water instead of alcohol, soda, juice, etc., you will stay hydrated and feel more energetic throughout your trip.

Enjoy these free/low-cost things to do on Oahu:

  • Pearl Harbor
  • Spend the day at a beach.
  • Friday night fireworks on Waikiki Beach
  • Hula show and torch lighting Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Kuhio Beach Park on Waikiki Beach
  • Hiking: Diamond Head ($1 for pedestrians), Manoa Falls Trail (free), or find another fun spot to hike.
  • Try some new foods at a Farmers Market.
  • Click Here for a long, long list of even more suggestions.




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